In School Resources

In our school, we have staff members that can help you with any issue you are facing. Here is a list of just a few that can help you.

School Social Worker – Mrs. Planz

Struggling with social drama? Anxiety? Depression? Family difficulties? Just feeling overwhelmed with all of the pressures in school? Substance Abuse? Any social, emotional issue interfering with your school day, the school social worker is there to help support you. Located in the nurse’s office, you can stop in anytime and make an appointment. All meetings are confidential unless you or somebody else is at risk of harm.

School Psychologist – Ms. Krepsztul

Located in an office next door to the Foods and Nutrition classroom, Ms. Krepsztul is available as an additional support with any academic, social and emotional needs.

School Nurse – Mrs. Katkocin

Any health concerns interfering with your day? Come check-in with the school nurse.

Guidance Counselors –

  • Mrs. Dighton
  • Mrs. Luce
  • Dr. Przytula
  • Ms. Romano
  • Mrs. Smyth

Assistant Principals –


R.E.B.E.L. Boxes –
Know something that you are concerned about, but don’t feel comfortable talking to a staff member? It’s important that if you have a concern you say something, so please take advantage of our R.E.B.E.L. boxes located in the guidance and nurse’s offices. Designed to allow you to make reports anonymously, you can provide us with information about yourself or somebody else to help make the school a safer place for everyone.


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